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Following closely on the heels of the loss of the religious exemptions in CA and NY, SB 64 would do the same here in Florida, mandating vaccines, removing your freedom to choose, and threatening the doctor/patient relationship when it comes to obtaining medical exemptions.

SB 64 is designed to reproduce the newly legislated Totalitarian Medical Systems in California and New York, where children no longer have the right go to school unless they are fully compliant with the the vaccination schedule. The bill also calls for “requiring the Board of Medicine and the Board of Osteopathic Medicine to jointly create a medical exemption review panel.”

The bill has generated an immediate response from Floridians and health freedom organizations alike. Our message is clear – Oppose SB 64.

Contact Sponsor Senator Lauren Book to Withdraw SB 64.

Contact your legislators

Vote No Florida Senate Bill 64

Contact your Legislators

It is important that our State Senators know that their constituents oppose SB 64.

Contact Governor DeSantis

It is important that Governor DeSantis knows how many Floridians stand against SB 64. 

Call him (850) 488-7146 or email him at the link below.


Stopping by Oprah's Vision Tour in Sunrise (1-4-20)

V is for Vaccine Flashmob Oprah in Sunrise, FL

1-4-20 - BB&T Center, Sunrise - Bringing vaccine awareness to Oprah's Vision Health and Wellness Tour. Oprah is promoting the flu and pneumonia vaccines, so the group educated attendees with posters and facts via bullhorn. Justin of We Are Change Orlando, recorded the afternoon session as they greeted guests leaving the BB&T Center. Watch the video here.

Vaccine Awareness in Orlando (12/28/19)

Orlando flash mob - V is for Vaccine

12-28-19 - Camping World Stadium, Orlando - Bringing vaccine awareness to the crowd of 40,000+ at the Camping World Bowl game. Click here to watch the video.

Vaccine Awareness in Jacksonville (12/1/19)

Jacksonville flash mob - V is for Vaccine

12-1-19 - TIAA Bank Field, Jacksonville - Bringing vaccine awareness to the crowd at the Jacksonville Jaguars game. Click here to watch the video.

Floridians taking action against SB 64

Mobile Billboard on Black Friday

Fort Myers mobile billboard No SB 64

11/29/19 -  Parents for Informed Choice SWFL raised money for this mobile billboard at the Gulf Coast Mall in Estero on Black Friday to educate the public on SB 64 and vaccine awareness. Click here to watch the video.

Medical & Religious Freedom Event

Orlando Health and Religious Freedom education event

11/16/19 - Medical & Religious Freedom event in Orlando brought awareness to the community. Speakers included Casselberry Commissioner Mark Busch, Pediatrician, Dr. Brian Thornburg, activist Adam Ringham, MC and talk show host Robert Scott Bell, and surprise guest Erin Elizabeth. Click here to watch the video.

Display real testimonials

Plantation, Florida Mobile Billboard, No SB 64

11/31/19 - Halloween evening Florida4Freedom took to the streets of Plantation to educate the public on SB 64 and to bring vaccine awareness. The mobile billboard passed Senator Book's office, as well as a Halloween event, bringing the most exposure to parents. Click here to visit Florida4Freedom.

Pasco County Delegation

New Port Richey, Florida - Pasco County Legislative Delegation, No SB 64

10/11/19 - New Port Richey Delegation - Andrea V., a mother of a vaccine injured child gives a powerful speech at the Pasco County Delegation. Click here to watch the video and read the transcript.

Broward County Delegation

Broward County Legislative Delegation, No SB 64.

11/8/19 - Broward County Delgation - Despite Senator Book's comments insinuating that SB 64 would not be seen, many determined mothers still spoke against the bill."We will be heard.'  (A link to individual videos to come.)

Collier County Delegation

Collier County Legislative Delegation, No SB 64.

10-30-19 - Collier County Delegation - Board Certified Pediatrician, Dr. Brian Thornburg spoke about the need to kill Senate Bill 64. 

Click here to watch the video.

Liberty Happy Hour

Libertarian Party of Broward County educational happy hour - SB 64

10/18/19 - The Libertarian Party of Broward County hosted an educational happy hour to discuss how SB 64 violates the First Amendment and threatens Liberty.

SB64, SB46, SB 208 Education

Fort Lauderdale - SB64, SB46, SB 208 Educational event

10/12/19 - Ft. Lauderdale - Over 80 people attended this Educational Session to help everyone understand what SB64 and the other bills are about and how they affect us as parents in Florida..

Palm Beach County Delegation

Palm Beach County Legislative Delegation, No SB 64

9/11/19 - Palm Beach Delegation - Mothers from Palm Beach County joined together with a speaker from Informed Choice USA, to inform and educate Delegation members of why so many strongly oppose SB 64. 

(A link to individual videos to come.)

Pre PBC Delegation Dinner

Palm Beach County Delegation Dinner, No SB 64.

9-10-19 - West Palm Beach - In preparation for the Palm Beach County Delegation, parents gathered to share information and to discuss the importance of opposing SB 64.

Dr. Thornburg - Kill Sb 64


9/18/19 - Naples - Dr. Thornburg's Facebook Live Post for Vaccine Safety and Informed Consent for Pediatric Patients. Keeping the rights of our children and ourselves before vaccine administration. Education on vaccinations. Click here to watch the video.

Escambia County Delegation


Escambia County Delegation Meeting, Speaker #27 Whitney Martin and Speaker #28 Rebecca Marie Granbery.

After the meeting adjourned, the Legislators approached these ladies to assure them that there is no support for SB 64 from this Delegation!

Escambians get it done! Way to go ladies!!!

Click here to watch the video.

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Do you skip or delay vaccines?

Skip or delay vaccines? Tell Legislators No to SB 64.

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We the People - SB 64 Violates

SB 64 violates your First Amendment. No SB 64

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Stand up and say NO to SB 64.

Stand up and say NO to SB 64.

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Say NO to Senate Bill 64!

Preserve Religious & Civil Liberties. No SB 64. Bcards_front.png

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Stand up for your rights!

Stand up for your rights. No SB 64.


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Tell your FL Legislators NO!

No SB 64, No SB 64, No SB 208, No SB 674 Bcards_back.png

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